Monday, 18 June 2018


My Reflection 
I am learning to solve problems by making equal shares.  It was easy to use my multiplication fact knowledge to solve these problems.  My next step is to work out more complicated problems.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Explanation Writing

My Reflection

I am learning how to write an explanation.
I was able to describe the routine event.
My next step is to write a more complicated and detailed explantion.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Visual Art

Turangawaewae:A Place To Stand

I am proud of my work because I tried hard with the painting. 

Friday, 13 April 2018


My Reflection

I am learning to summarise information by choosing the important information in the text.  This learning was hard  because I had to write my own words in my work.  It was helpful having a buddy and the teacher to help.  My next step is to summarise other texts.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Parts of a Graph

My ReflectionI am learning the parts of a graph.

It was hard to put the labels in the right place.  This was hard because it was new learning.  My next step is to learn more about graphs.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

My Welcome Post 2018

Welcome to my learning blog.  This year I am in Room 23.  My teacher is Mrs Venter.  My goal is to get 70 ticks.  I am looking forward to Cross Country and other sports.  I hope you will enjoy my blog. Please leave feedback.